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Cost of a Wedding Band in Northern Ireland

How much will my wedding band cost?

It’s a question we get asked often and a very important one at that so we have decided to give you a breakdown of indicative cost of a wedding band in Northern Ireland. Choosing the right entertainment for you special day is paramount. Having a band that goes good with the style of wedding your having, consider the guests in attendance, the size of the venue and your own personal music tastes of course. So, what exactly will your wedding entertainment cost?

At Rising Music Agency, we have been providing top wedding bands in NI and Ireland for years. For many of you this may be the first time booking a band or musician. We’re here to give you the run down as to what constitutes a fair price for your wedding entertainment. Below we have a breakdown of typical costs for wedding entertainment.

Wedding band cost N.I

Ceremony music – £200 – £350
Solo musician – £200-£350
3/4-piece band – £1000 – £1500
5+ piece band – £1500 – £3000
DJ – £300-£500

These prices are by no means set in stone and are only an indicator of typical price variations for the type of solo act or ensemble you require. Considering the average total cost of a wedding in 2019 was £31,974, it is perhaps a small price to pay for the perfect entertainment for your special day.

Things to consider

Is your band local? This will have a small bearing on the price of the band. Our bands are in demand and it is usual for them to travel the length and breadth of the country. Many people consider it a small price to pay to get their perfect act at their wedding, but it’s worth keeping in mind.

Wedding Band day packages

Many of our acts off a full day package, that covers ceremony music/drinks reception, evening reception and DJ. In booking a package you are able to save on the price of booking individual acts for your ceremony music, day time entertainment, evening music and DJ. It also takes the stress out of booking with a number of other acts. You will only pay one deposit, deal with one person and there is a faster turnaround time between the band set and the DJ.

DJ/Disco Music

The party shouldn’t end as the band plays their last song. We work with professional DJs who are willing to spin their music to the small hours and keep the party going. Think about what sort of music you would like to be played. What will keep people dancing? All our DJs are open to requests, no matter how obscure they may be.

Booking Off Peak

Depending if they are a touring band or not, a band’s busy season will usually be in the summer months or around Christmas time. You have more chance of securing your perfect wedding band at a lower cost if you are booking in the off-peak months of Jan – Feb or Sept – November. Midweek weddings can also bring down the price of the booking considerably.

Booking Early

Our bands are some of the busy of the circuit with bookings coming in 18 months in advance. We recommend, where possible, that you see your band before booking, there are numerous showcase gigs you can attend. It is possible in some instances that we can hold the date for you until you get a chance to see your band in action.

We offer bands for every taste and budget; please get in touch today to see how we can help you find the perfect entertainment for your special day.